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LiviaOne Daily Probiotics: A Review

Initially, I was relatively skeptical of probiotics and the actual effect that they could have on my health and energy. Therefore, when I was contacted about reviewing the LiviaOne Daily Probiotic I was not sure what to expect. Having used the probiotic for around 3 weeks, I can definitely say that they have had some beneficial effects. Myself and one other were using the daily probiotic and the enzymes and probiotics powder throughout this process. The results were impressive, with a noticeable increase in energy levels in addition to an improvement in recovery times after training sessions.

Having expected a relatively subdued or slight change, we are both impressed with this products results. Both the enzymes and the probiotic are taken with cold beverages and the one flaw that I found in the product was the inability of the enzymes to stay sedentary throughout the drink. Instead, the majority of the powder floats on the top. Although not a huge downside given the eventual results, this could be something to improve upon in future iterations.

Having recently begun sponsoring California Wrestling, the company is clearly aiming this product at the sporting market. This seems like a sensible move as this is a probiotic that offers much in terms of healthy digestion as well as recovery benefits. Combine this with the high protein diet that many athletes have, it means that the energy efficiency is definitely improved, something that in elite athletes can often be the difference between first and second place.

All in all, I am quite impressed with the Livia probiotic offerings and would recommend them for those looking to not only get the most out of their body but also what they are fueling it with.

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